The Moderate Water Fundamentals Sea Kayaking course is aimed at growing and advancing your confidence and core skills as a sea kayaker. Moderate Waters is a fun and friendly sea kayaking course, whilst still being adventurous.

Our Moderate Water fundamentals sea kayaking course is perfect for paddlers wishing to grow their confidence in moderate wind and waves, friendly tide races/easy surf and rock hopping, whilst learning and developing new skills along the way in a safe environment.

​A roll is not essential for the Moderate Water fundamentals sea kayaking course.

Our Moderate Water fundamentals Sea Kayaking course is ideal if you are a paddler who wants to improve your dynamic, moderate water boat handling skills, as well as boost your knowledge of practical and theoretical navigation and decision making, to keep you and your friends safe on the water. During the Moderate Water fundamentals Sea Kayaking course, we will share our expertise with you, taking you to some of the best dynamic waters that Anglesey and the UK have to offer. Each day will be a mixture of journeying and coaching whilst having fun, there is no better way to progress your skills!

Each day will start with a coffee and time to plan the day ahead. In order to have a safe day out on the sea, we need to make some considerations to factors influencing our decisions, which may include the weather, tide and swell plus features of the location we choose. We can take each of these factors into consideration and ask ourselves some questions to ensure the correct decisions are made.

This moderate water sea kayaking course is suited to those who have had experience of sea kayaking in conditions of up to Force 3 winds and 1Knot of tide, and wish to progress up to Force 4 and 2 knots (possibly more) and more challenging dynamic water, in a progressive way that will make the most of your aims and goals. We keep ratios small at 1:4, so we can individualise our sea kayak coaching, meaning you get the most of your time spent with us in Anglesey.

Anglesey Adventures can supply all equipment needed for your sea kayaking session, if required.

This course will help you meet each challenge with confidence and enjoy overcoming it. We will progressively introduce you to more challenging sea conditions, give you a greater understanding of safety issues and an opportunity to improve your technical skills as a sea kayaker, ultimately focusing on being a more competent and independent paddler on the sea, after this course you will be able to confidently plan your own trips in more challenging sea conditions.

The aims of the moderate water fundamentals sea kayaking course are:

  • to help you become confident in planning and undertaking journeys on the sea in winds of up to and including Force 4 and 2 Knots of tide
  • to help with decision making
  • to stay safe on the water
  • to undertake rescues
  • to work on core skills; blending strokes, develop boat handling skills
  • to solve problems in more dynamic environments.

Sea Kayaking Course Information - pdf download

Meeting location

Anglesey Outdoors, Porth Dafarch Road, LL65 2LP.