Anglesey Pursuits Jump

Abseiling Anglesey

If you enjoy high level excitements then why not step boldly over the edge of a near-vertical rock face?

Coasteering Wales

Coasteering is the adventure sport of the moment, a full on adrenalin activity guaranteed to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping. This must try activity is the fastest growing adventure sport in the United Kingdom with Coasteering Wales being one of the prime locations for this exhilarating sport, so if you have to do just one thing with us it has to be Coasteering.

Discover Navigation is a short course aimed at equipping ramblers, hill walkers and mountaineers with the basic navigational skills to safely traverse paths and tracks in the hills and mountains of the British Isles

Coasteering Wales

Gorges are fascinating habitats offering unparalleled situations for intensive adventure. They are also unique environments illustrating ecosystems of times past, and flora dating as far back as the last glacial interphase.

Mountain Days

Explore the geology, legend and natural beauty of the peaks of North Wales Reach on a mountain walking adventure with Anglesey Adventures.

Rock climbing anglesey

The Welsh coastline offers challenging climbs that require confidence, competence and commitment, often with difficult approaches and with no easy escape once on the route.

Kayaking Wales

With such a beautiful coastline to discover, Anglesey is the perfect destination to explore under paddle power.

Traversing Explore the coastline from a new perspective, using ropes to scramble along the cliff faces above sea level.