Discover Navigation is a short course aimed at equipping ramblers, hill walkers and mountaineers with the basic navigational skills to safely traverse paths and tracks in the hills and mountains of the British Isles. Learn how to feel confident with a map and compass in unfamiliar territory, day or night and if the worse should happen, how to get out of trouble and back to civilisation.

The course is relaxed with plenty of opportunities to practice a variety of navigation skills including, map reading and orientation, using a compass and following a bearing, pace counting and developing strategies to locate your position when you have lost direction and haven’t a clue where you are.

If you enjoy hill walking but lack the necessary skills to navigate yourself to where you want to be then this course is for you as it will cover:

• Map orientation
• Map symbols and scales
• Grid references
• Measuring distances
• Taking compass bearings
• Route calculation
• Utilising a variety of techniques and strategies to get from A to B
• What to do if you get lost

Plus lots of time to practice in the beautiful surrounding Hills and mountains of North Wales.